We are pleased to tell you the new online Safe Church training system - Armatus Learn to Protect - is now active.  This training forms part of the  Territory Safe Church Policy and replaces the Creating Trustworthy Communities workshops as the method by which those serving in medium or high risk ministries are equipped to prevent misconduct in all its forms.  

Armatus aims to protect “the vulnerable” (children; youth; physically, mentally, or psychologically vulnerable adults) and to minimize risk of harm in parish ministries.  The program also aims to protect those working with this vulnerable population.  The program requires all clergy, Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament, employees, and volunteers serving in medium- or high-risk positions in their parish to complete Safe Church training at the beginning of their ministry and every five (5) years thereafter.

Armatus Learn to Protect is accessed online by using a personal computer or tablet. The courses are interactive, engaging and contain quizzes to ensure the content has been understood. Course content is tailored based on an individual’s ministry.  

Who needs to take Safe Church training? All those serving in medium and high risk parish ministries are required to complete Safe Church training. See List of Roles to determine whether or not you need to take the training. In the Armatus system, a person can have up to two roles, and will be assigned the total number of modules required by both roles (minus any overlapping modules, which only have to be taken once!) 

How do Clergy, parish volunteers and employees register?  The Territory Safe Church Administrator Cathy Wozlowski receives the required information from each parish for employees and volunteers, and inputs their data into the Armatus system.  The Armatus system subsequently sends an email to each person with their user id and password to enable the person to take the training.  If you are eligible to take the training and have not yet received an email, please contact Margaret Mitchell, Safe Church Administrator at office@territory.anglican.ca with the following information:

  • your name
  • phone number
  • the parish/church you attend
  • your position in the parish/church
  • your email address (required)

Once you have registered, you will receive a username and password to use the system.

See List of Roles to determine whether or not you need to take the training.

Record Keeping   Once you have completed all the modules assigned by the Armatus system, including reading and agreeing with the Territory Safe Church Policy 4.3 and providing a current Criminal Record Check, you can generate a Certificate of Completion from the Armatus system welcome page by clicking the “Certificate” button. Please email this certificate to your parish office where it should be kept in the parish’s confidential files. Parishes are responsible for ensuring lay parishioners and employees have completed the training and submitted their certificate.  Clergy can email a pdf of their certificate to the Territory office. Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament are to submit an electronic copy of their Certificate of Completion to the Territory office as a requirement for their annual license.


Armatus Users Guide

Armatus and Territory List of Roles

Modules by Role

Territory of the People Safe Church Policy 4.3 

Criminal Record Check Policy 4.2 

How to obtain a Criminal Record Check for Volunteers: Click here

How to obtain a Criminal Record Check for Paid Clergy and Staff: You must report to the nearest RCMP detachment and apply in person. Costs vary from town to town. The cost for all paid Clergy and any licensed clergy, and paid parish staff will be the responsibility of the Territory of the People.  The cost for any parish youth workers and Sunday school teachers will be the responsibility of each parish.