August 2021

Armatus Safe Church Changes  

In the last few years, the Ecclesiastical Province of BC &Yukon implemented the Armatus safe church training program . Many of you will have taken some of these training modules. The modules are initiated by a company in the US and are designed to provide a basic understanding of safe church issues. Most of the people in the parishes throughout the Territory of the People who needed to complete training modules have done so.  

We have been advised the Armatus company has recently changed their system. It is now called “Praesidium Academy.”

Until the last few weeks, under the Armatus program, we have administered our users (volunteers and staff) through a central database. From there, we designated a username and password for each user, as well as a list of modules required for their particular role.   Armatus has taken down the old system and replaced it with one that removes the central administration process. This means that current usernames and passwords will no longer work and anyone who was in process but had not completed their modules has lost their progress. 

To our knowledge, none of our volunteers or staff have lost progress on modules but we are less than pleased with how Armatus chose to go about this.   We are waiting on more details but the new system will likely require each user to go online and register independently.  Each user will then need to self-select the training modules they need for their particular role, as we are no longer able to administer this centrally.  A list of training modules your particular role requires is posted to this website - See List of Roles.

At this time we have no further information on the Praesidium Academy, and when we know more we will share it with you.  

Users who have completed their training and received their Certificate of Completion do not need to do anything at all at this time. For those users who need to complete additional modules we are aware of your frustrations, and thank you for your patience as we work through this new system.

Margaret Mitchell

Safe Church Administrator


Who needs to take Safe Church training? All those serving in medium and high risk parish ministries are required to complete Safe Church training. See List of Roles to determine whether or not you need to take the training. In the Armatus system, a person can have up to two roles, and will be assigned the total number of modules required by both roles (minus any overlapping modules, which only have to be taken once!) 

Record Keeping:   Once you have completed all the modules assigned by the system, including reading and agreeing with the following Territory Policies:

and providing a current Criminal Record Check, you can generate a Certificate of Completion.

Please email this certificate to your parish office where it should be kept in the parish’s confidential files. Parishes are responsible for ensuring lay parishioners and employees have completed the training and submitted their certificate.  Clergy can email a pdf of their certificate to the Territory office. Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament are to submit an electronic copy of their Certificate of Completion to the Territory office as a requirement for their annual license.


Armatus and Territory List of Roles

Modules by Role

4.2 Criminal Record Check Policy 

4.3 Safe Church Policy

4.4 Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

4.5 Social Media

4.6 Computer, Email and Internet Usage/Pornography 

How to obtain a Criminal Record Check - The Territory of the People is now enrolled in the applicant-based eCRC online service.  This online service is available to employees and volunteers; however employees may also use the current process of applying through their local RCMP office; volunteers may also use the current process of manual application through the Territory office.

Online application is optional, more information on the both the manual and online process can be found on our new web page under Resources/Criminal Record Check here