The Resource Centre began in 2011 with Gordon and Mary Dove as Coordinators.  Gordon and Mary did a wonderful job of initially setting up the lending library, and over the years have refined the lending procedures, catalogued materials, expanded the content, and implemented the "Book Box" lending system.

The main vision of the Resource Centre is to have a central place from which people can get any resources to help them on their spiritual journey.

Most of the materials were donated by people in the area, and there is a small budget to keep current with new material.  Donations are still welcomed, in consultation with the Coordinator.

Boxes of books are sent to each parish 3 or 4 times a year and each parish has a person whose ministry is to promote the books and keep the Resource Centre up to date on resources the parish may need.

Better than any description, here is a testomonial from Lillooet:

"The congregation of St. Andrew's United/St. Mary's Anglican Church in Lillooet really appreciates the services of the Territory of the People lending library. This book resource gives us an opportunity to choose from a large catalogue of books to enhance our spiritual journey. It is also a marvellous source of reference material if we are embarking on a book study for Advent or Lent. From time to time we are able to donate books to the library."

Here is another testimonial from St. Peter's, Monte Creek:

"Small in size but big on help and information - that's our Territory Resource Centre, set up and run by Mary and Gordon Dove. Every Friday Gordon and Mary operate the resource centre. Their cheery smiles greet you as you reach the top of the stairs. Every few months, they diligently fill those girl guide cookie boxes with books for the parishes in the Territory, with thought given to the liturgical season and requests by the parishes.

As well, if you are looking for a specific book, Gordon and Mary make every effort to locate it or, if need be, order it.

We are indeed blessed to have such a resource in the Territory and to have Gordon and Mary's dedication to it - a place for books, or help with setting up material for a study session, as well as a cheery word."                 

In December 2021 Gordon and Mary announced their retirement from this ministry and the Rev Linda LaGroix (Deacon) volunteered to be the Interim Coordinator. 

The Resource Centre is located in the Territory/Cathedral Administration Offices on the second floor of St. Paul's Cathedral, 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops, BC  V2C 2P5.

For more information and for hours of operation during Covid, please contact Linda at:

Telephone: 250-374-3912 ext 205