St. Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops

Joyful – Rooted - Hospitable - Responsive

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an inclusive, diverse community of Christians who are rooted in the best of the Anglican tradition, hospitable and welcoming to seekers, and responsive as a Christian community to the needs of others and those who come to us.  

Come as you are and know that you will be welcomed here. Come, and let us see Jesus together. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a place of worship, learning, ministry and outreach. This is a place where all age groups, backgrounds and experience are welcomed. This is a place where faith is nurtured and held. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a community that is safe and welcoming for LGBTQ+ people, their friends and family.  

St. Paul’s joins other Anglicans in a healing and reconciliation journey with indigenous Canadians. Regardless of your own particular journey, you are welcome to join us in ours.

For information about our Dean and Rector, the Very Rev. Ken Gray go here.

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Resources from ECOBISHOPS AFRICA 2018

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FUNERAL SERVICE for Pastoral Elder Jim White announced

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