Welcome to the Territory of the People, a gathering place for faithful Christians who worship in the Anglican tradition with close connections to the United Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.  

In local churches throughout our territory (formerly the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior) either weekly or more occasionally, small communities gather for worship, teaching and the sharing of Holy Eucharist together.  

Our mission in the Central Interior of British Columbia is to share our Christian journey with all who seek to know Jesus. We see ourselves as the family of God who gather together weekly – one family worshipping in many churches throughout the Central Interior - to share in the gospel story.  

Our mission statement well describes what we do as a gathered people of Christian faith: “The Territory of the People walk together with all God’s people, journeying into a new creation, and trusting with faith and courage in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We love as Jesus loves, living with integrity and openness, and are committed stewards of God’s world.” We look forward to welcoming you in person to one of our many congregations and hope you find information, insight and encouragement on our site.  

Please join us in a Prayer for the Territory of the People  

Loving and Faithful God, through the ages you have nourished your people who have come to you for guidance;  

Lead and direct us in our present journey, that we may discern the way ahead as the Territory of the People;  

By your Spirit, help us to preserve the best of what we were, enable us to let go all that hinders love of you, and strengthen us as a community of living saints to minister with eager hearts and wills.  

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who is our Way, our Truth and our Life, Amen.