Welcome to The Territory of the People!

We welcome you in the name and person of Jesus Christ, healer and reconciler of all.

Please find here information about our parishes, our ministry, our outreach and our Anglican Christian faith, our convictions and our leadership.

On this site you can find current information from a variety of sources. Our monthly bulletins which are available here. Our news section contains descriptions and reports. Our Territory Facebook page is a good place to find stories and images.

At the Territory Assembly in 2017 the following mission statement was adopted: "The Territory of the People will seek to develop a model of collaborative ministry for use within the parishes."

We are a small yet vibrant church located in the interior of the province of British Columbia in Western Canada. We have been through much together, especially in the past two decades. We are resilient; we are faithful; we are welcoming and look forward to welcoming you to one of our parishes described in the FIND A CHURCH section of this site.

Welcome, in Christ's name.


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