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27 November 2019

At the Coordinating Council meeting held on 22 and 23 November 2019, the following revisions to policy and forms, as well as new policies were approved, which have now been uploaded to the website, together with a revised Table of Contents.  The new Statement of Directors and Registered Office has been received from BC Society Registrar following the filing of our Annual Report.

Table of Contents - revised

1.0  Statement of Directors and Registered Office

2.3 - Parish Mileage and Territory Meeting Expense - rates reviewed, next review in 3 years

3.10 - Employee Leave - new policy

4.5 - Social Media - new policy

4.6 - Computer, Email and Internet Usage/Pornograpy - new policy

4.7 - Parish Register and Property Records - new policy

4.8 - Archives - new policy

Form 5.2 Travel Claim Form - revised for clarification purposes

Form 5.3 - Christian Sharing Apportionment - revised for clarification purposes 

Form 5.17 - Clergy Utilities  - revised for office use

Form 5.18 - Media Consent - new form

Other Information:

Policy 4.2 - Criminal Records Checks

Effective August 5, 2019 new RCMP procedures came into effect regarding Criminal Records Checks. These procedures are currently being reviewed and will be added to our existing policy.

Policy 4.3 - Safe Church

Procedures will be added to this existing policy as well as information regarding the on-line training

Policy 4.4 - Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Currently in working draft 

Future Policies:

Anti-Racism - work is in progress in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Canada and other relative groups in drafting this policy.

PLEASE NOTE: updates continue regularly. If you have any questions regarding the status of a given section please contact Margaret Mitchell at the Territory office:

email: or phone: 778-471-5573