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25 November 2020

At the Coordinating Council meeting held on 21 November 2020, the following revisions to policy and forms were approved and have now been uploaded to the website, together with a revised Table of Contents.

Table of Contents - Revised

Policy 4.1 - Privacy Policy - Revised

Policy 4.2 - Criminal Record Check - Revised

Form 5.5 - Parish Support Grant - Revised

Form 5.14 - Duplicate of 5.5 and deleted

6.4 - Parish Loans and Mortgages - revised

Other Policies Under Revision:

Policy 1.4.5 Mandate of the Resource Centre - currently undergoing revision

Policy 1.11 - Nominating and Electoral Procedure for the Election of a Bishop for the Territory of the People Anglican Church - this policy has been revised, the revisions were accepted by Coordinating Council to be referred to Assembly 2021 for approval.

Future Policies:

Anti-Racism - work is in progress in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Canada and other relative groups in drafting this policy.

PLEASE NOTE: updates continue regularly. If you have any questions regarding the status of a given section, or if you have suggestions or recommendations for new or revised policy, please contact Margaret Mitchell, Office Coordiantor and Chair of the Policy Committee at the Territory office: or phone: 778-471-5573