Friends of all ages, greetings.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tanya. I transferred my clerical licence from the diocese of BC to the Territory in February 2020 and started having conversations with different clergy and laypeople about two ministries that are near and dear to my heart: spiritual retreats and Family and Youth ministries.

Since February, I have reached out to numerous clergy, Melissa Green, and other lay ministers about the youth and family ministry that happened in the past and what is happening within the Territory now. I am very excited to jump in and get to know each parish on a more personal level. Unfortunately, Covid is stopping that from happening in person.

So, here is the next best thing. I have two questionnaires linked below to be filled out. One for the parish and one for the young people. If parishioners say “We don’t have any young people” I have an answer for them: They all have neighbours, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews!

The only way to bring young people and families into the parish is to invite them! The only way to find out why they don’t come is to listen to them. The only way to know how we can serve them is to listen to them and the only way to do that is to start conversations and get to know them better.

These short (1page, 9 questions) surveys are the springboard for what I hope will lead us, as the Territory to dream about the future beyond Covid for what our Territory will look like for young people and families. 

I look forward to our conversations in the coming months! Feel free to contact me via email. or leave a message for me at the Territory office 778.471.5573

Below you will find a downloads section that contains the 2 questionnaires. You will also find a confirmation resource, that I have NOT vetted however, it is a resource from Salisbury, Church of England. I have also included a section with some links to different sites for resources. This page is a work in progress and as I get surveys back I will adapt what resources I provide.

Blessings, Tanya 


Resource Links
Check back often because as feedback is provided from the questionnaires this area will be updated.

 PWRDF There is a youth position open for BC and the Yukon!

Children’s advent resources to use at home!

The National Church of Canada    


Links for youth and family ministry across Canada 

New Westminster has a wealth of information & links for Sunday school to College age!

The diocese of Calgary has a resource page

Some of these ideas come from books that may be purchased, so this link is a great opportunity to try them out first!  

From across the pond! Church of England’s youth and children’s resource page


I have NOT used these resources or links. Be sure to vet them before using them.

The Alpha program for Youth

These links are about using Godly play at home!

Information from the Cathedral

Looking for more Advent resources?

Advent resources

There are many online resources available for the Advent season.

  • Sign-up for "Tell Out My Soul - An Advent Calendar" and receive a daily email in Advent with stories from people throughout the Diocese of New Westminster.
  • The Diocese of Edmonton has resources for creating your own "Stations of the Nativity," as well as Advent and Christmas music.
  • Find instructions to make a wreath, Advent liturgies and book recommendations from the Diocese of Kootenay.
  • Get daily messages and video reflections from PWRDF.
  • Follow along with #AdventWord, a global Advent calendar.

Visit Starry Black Night for a womanist Advent devotional featuring Black women writers.