August 2021

The Government of BC has enhanced the Criminal Record Check process by implementing an on-line service for both employees and volunteers.  

The current manual process for volunteer CRC's involves submitting forms to the Territory office where they are forwarded for processing to the Solicitor General's office by the Territory Authorized Contact.  At times this manual process can be cumbersome and time consuming. 

The Territory of the People is now enrolled in the applicant-based eCRC online service to enable volunteers to apply for their own criminal record check online.  The results will continue to be sent to the Territory office.  

This online service uses the BC Services Card number for ID verification and a mobile device is required.  It is compatible with all internet browsers except for Internet Explorer. 

The manual process is still available; the eCRC online service is simply another option for submitting a criminal record check request.

Please see the downloadable files below for information on how to use the eCRC online portal.  


Access Code: please contact the Territory office