Adapted from her charge to the 2017 Assembly in Merritt, former Bishop Barbara Andrews wrote “With prayer, song, and story, we are invited to renew our commitment to the work of healing. Let us take up this invitation and highlight within all our parishes the important work of healing.

Along with this initiative we are invited to also financially support the Anglican Healing Fund, which has blessed us in our Territory abundantly over the years. Historically as the Diocese of Cariboo we received over $75,000 to fund 7 projects and as the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior we received over $161,000 to fund 15 projects. One example of a project funded is the $25,000 grant to the Community Healing Committee in Lytton to host the first healing gathering in 1992 which continues today as an important healing gathering each July.

Numerous projects promoting the recovery of indigenous languages have been funded by the Anglican Healing Fund and it is important for us to continue to support this work throughout the territory.

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW for resources to support your leadership on this initiative. May these help us participate in healing the wounds we helped to impose in the past, and to encourage us learn to walk together as God’s people is a new way."