AN INVITATION - St. Paul's 2017 Stewardship Initiative

We hope you will find this material helpful as we at St. Paul's consider our support of our ministry together. Possibly folks in other congregations may find our materials helpful in your context as well. 

St. Paul's is a proud Anglican Faith Community at our present location since 1924 in downtown Kamloops. We are a diverse and healthy faith community, rooted in Anglican tradition and responsive to an ever-changing world. 

As with all mainline Christian communities, we are in transition from what feels like the glory days of Christendom to something not yet defined. Many call this era spiritual but not religious, and there is some truth in this. We however are both, and so tension exists. It is a challenge to remain faithful to our roots yet responsive and relevant to a world which knows little if anything about Church or Christ. Changes in the relationship between church and culture likewise affect financial support, hence this year's programme. Our booklet, linked below includes:

·         Our Core Values and Practices

·         A Financial Overview

·         Did You Know, a cluster of facts and figures

·         Information regarding Contributions

·         And finally, I Intend, which is not a pledge form but an Act of Commitment

Also included in this year's programme are video resources including comments from Dean Ken and from three key parishioners who spoke at morning worship on Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 at St. Paul's.

You may want to visit our two websites, first here on the Territory site and also at our own Wordpress site. Lots of news, images and ideas to consider.

And do come visit us when you are next in Kamloops. We welcome many visitors from all over the world and right next door which is wonderful. Welcome everyone.