St. Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops

Joyful – Rooted - Hospitable - Responsive

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an inclusive, diverse community of Christians who are rooted in the best of the Anglican tradition, hospitable and welcoming to seekers, and responsive as a Christian community to the needs of others and those who come to us.  

Come as you are and know that you will be welcomed here. Come, and let us see Jesus together. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a place of worship, learning, ministry and outreach. This is a place where all age groups, backgrounds and experience are welcomed. This is a place where faith is nurtured and held. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a community that is safe and welcoming for LGBTQ+ people, their friends and family.  

St. Paul’s joins other Anglicans in a healing and reconciliation journey with indigenous Canadians. Regardless of your own particular journey, you are welcome to join us in ours.

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TERRITORY CLERGY AND BISHOP attend ministry training consultation

Bishop Barbara and the rEv.s Isabel Healy-Morrow, Ken Gray and Len Fraser joined approximately twenty other laity and clergy gathered in Saskatoon, June 6-9, to consider how to equip and encourage a new generation... Read More


PENTECOST IN THE PARK a huge success

Six local Kamloops Churches including St. George's North Kamloops and St. Paul's Cathedral shared outdoor worship on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017. Over 235 worshippers shared music, prayers, psalms and spiritual... Read More


Lenten Lectures Published

God brought me out into a spacious place (Psalm 18:19) A collection: COMPENDIUM SPACE, a publication of the 2017 Lenten Luncheon Lectures from St. Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops is now available in two formats. The six... Read More


THE GANG'S ALL HERE, well, almost

Ordination of Angus Muir and Martina Duncan to the priesthood A fine congregation gathered for the Ordination of Martina Duncan and Angus Muir as priests at a Territory gatheirng on Friday evening, March 17, 2017 at... Read More


HOLY WEEK AND EASTER at St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is pleased to announce this year's schedule of services for Holy Week and Easter. This years' offerings will take participants through a wide range of emotions and experiences, from joyful... Read More


Water themed CARBON FAST for Lent 2017

Welcome to a Carbon Fast for Lent. Instead of giving up food, or chocolate or some other foodstuff, this year why not become more aware of how you use water. It's educational, fun, theologically relevant and hugely... Read More