It’s all about relationships

As the Territory of the People Anglican Church - we represent a new beginning in the stewardship of all creation.

The resources posted or linked here are dedicated to celebrating the incredible potential we have as a community of people walking together into a new creation. Ideally this will not be a solitary walk, rather we will journey together to explore the beauty and mystery of this wonderful world God has given us, not only to steward but as heirs. (Since we know God is not dead, our inheritance may appear to be delayed, however, in our role as stewards all our master has is ours to use for his glory.)

Our Territorial Stewardship Animator, David Durksen hopes that you and those in your family and church will review these postings and discuss them. Share your insights, apply those insights to your life and ministry, and over the next few years we will have opportunity to celebrate the wonders of God's limitless universe.

From the first few sentences you will see that stewardship is all about relationships. We will explore how to have a worthy relationship with ourselves. We must come to see ourselves as God sees us - whole, competent, able, complete, lacking nothing.

The second relationship we will explore is our relationship with God. He is after all the boss. As we come to see the depth of his love and compassion for us and all of creation, we will have to grapple with the limitations of our acceptance of this love.

Our third relationship will be with the other. The other may be human or inanimate. The other may be an idea, a myth, a dream or a desire. The other is what demands us to draw our circle wider. To increase our understanding, to find ways of including what we have never included before. In this area we will explore the implications that if there is only one God, creator of all that is, if that God views creation as either Good or Very Good, and if we are ONE with that God and all creation, how do we interact with creation so the fullness is available to all?

We will shortly setup a blog for conversation, response and encouragement.

Take a moment and check out the resources section in these pages.

For support, ideas and encouragement please contact David Durksen

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