Transition in Merritt Anglican Ministry

Approximately fifty congregants gathered with mixed emotions for the deconsecration of the Historic St. Michael’s Church, and for the dedication of their new worship space on Sunday, November 4th 2018 at 3:00 pm.

Photos show the interior of the old church as hymns and songs accompanied prayers and storytelling. After the wardens locked the door and returned the keys to the Bishop, they led and welcomed the congregation to the new space which was dedicated “St. Michael’s Church and Community Centre” to the accompaniment of lively music, and sprinkled water from the font.

The community now moves into a new chapter of Anglican presence and witness in this historic BC interior town. The old church will be repaired and renovated by the new owner, the Canadian Mental Health Association for use as a clubhouse.

The order of service is linked below, which includes a short history.

Some pictures taken by Ken Gray and Lyn Snook capture the energy and mood of this hopeful community.




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