PRISTINE ALPINE WILDERNESS inspires crowd at presentation

Celebrated landscape photographer Chris Harris and Rita Giesbrecht shared inspiring and rarely seen images of Ape Lake in the BC West Chilcotin.

As part of this year's Season of Creation programme at St. Paul's Cathedral in Kamloops, Chris and Rita shared their core values with an engaged and curious audience.

Images included a canoe amongst icefloes, sturdy granite shaped by glaciers and stunning still water reflections of majestic mountains.

It was refreshing to visually visit prstine and unspolied alpine wilderness through images captures during a two-week immersiou trip during the summer of 2018.

Chris and Rita describe this year's Season of Creation theme "Simple and Creative Living" this way:

It was an honour for Rita and I to speak at St. Paul's on a topic which is so close to our hearts in every aspect of our life. In all our love and life together, from the building of our straw bale construction home to our day-to-day life in work and pleasure, we refer to our spiritual or core values for guidance.

By showing a few images and sharing the narrative of how and why they were created, we were also able to speak to how our core values are instumental in both our art of living and my art of  photography.