This world we live in

This world it spins one way

It spins through daylight

It spins through the night


This world

Who created heaven and earth?

Who created beauty?

Who created me and you?


Our world it spins and spins

Our world it turns and turns

The people they go this way

they go that way

They go up, they go down

They go in circles

They go in frenzy

Some people they go over there

Some people they stay right here

and they became divided


When the world is divided

When peoples are divided

It's like the mountain people

They're high and mighty

They think the river people are so small


It's like the wind people, they are so strong,

they can push over the tree people

It's like the thunder people,

they can talk louder than the rain people

We are divided: Divided

Our ears became deaf

Our eyes looked down

Our eyes looked down

Our eyes looked down


Listen . . . Listen . . . It's okay

Listen to me . . . Listen to me!


Walking together on a road

Together, towards a destination 

Walking together on a journey

Behind us, our dark past

Ahead of us, our bright future


Walking on the road

Our bodies  our spirits

Walking on sacred grounds

Walking over broken pavements

Walking near . . . Walking far

It's been a long journey . . .


Let's take a rest

Let's join hands

Joining hands we create harmony

Harmony: It flows from body to body

It flows in our thoughts

Friendship, it has been born

Born between us

Friendship, it became warm

and it melted with kindness and love


With tools we can build unity

With our voices we can build unity

With togetherness we can build unity

The word unity, it will dissolve in your mouth

It will render upon your tongue

Unity in people's dreams

Unity: Sticky glue bringing leaders together

Bringing truth together

Bringing nations together


Unity: Always in the footprints of our elders

Our elders

Our ancestors they say . . .

Let us rise. Rise

Let us rise

Let us continue our journey

Walking, walking

Walking together in unity