Momma in the kitchen

Old kitchen

Wooden stove cozy and warm

Big oak table sturdy and strong

Momma in the kitchen

See her lips she's singing a song

"It's a beautiful sunday"


Momma she loved praying,

she believed in the good lord

Momma she's going to church

Nothing will to stop her

She would put on her beautiful flowered dress

Her hat had flowers too


Momma she gave me a bath

She dressed me up in my Sunday best

I wore black suit with a tie and my shoes were shiny


It was a beautiful day for a buggy ride,

horses pulling the buggy

We got to the church

Old, old church

Shingle on the roof mossy green

Old walls their white paint faded

White paint peeling

Church steps worn and torn

Even the church bell sounded old


Ding dong I am old

Ding dong nobody heard me

Ding dong I have no rhythm


Momma entered the church

She touched the water and made the sign of the cross

We both walked on the creaky floor

We both sat on the pew, creaky pew

I looked at the altar

the silver chalice it’s lost its shine

The big old rugged cross slanted to one side

The statues, the statues of Mary and Joseph

They looked sad, their eyes staring into nothing


On the ceiling I saw a big black spider

a church spider

On the floor, near the wall

I saw a mouse, church mouse


Sixty, sixty, sixty years later

I stood in the breeze, summer breeze

I stood on the green grass

I stood on the sacred ground

where the old, old church used to stand

I think the old church went to heaven


My momma she went to heaven

My momma she will ring the bell

and all the Angels will go to church