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As we near the end of the second decade of the twenty first century it may be helpful to look at the meanings for some of the words we use on a regular basis.  In our era where propagandists call everything other than their spin on life "fake news" words have lost their meaning, unless they stir people up to fear and doubt, they are deemed useless.   

However, the Truth (please note the use of a capital T) is that words are the foundational building block of all creative endeavors.  We may most often be seeing their power to destroy, yet if we are to build a better world words are still the tools that we must use to create the change we wish to see.   

Words are short hand for the images and ideas we see in our minds and hearts.  At times there is agreement on what words mean.  However, today words are used in contexts and ways that are totally contrary to their value. 

Describing an apple as fruit salad isn't necessarily a lie, for an apple may be part of the salad, but salad is not what an apple is.  And with so many types of apples we do not have a single image, or taste, or experience of an apple.  Yet, there are social and scientific definitions of apple that are agreed upon even if some call these fake news.   

In this short series we will look at the four key words used in the Christian tradition called Advent.  As you delve into the images and emotions that are foundational to these words you may find the building blocks for the birth of great good news in your life and world.