Our Mission and Vision
The Territory of the People walk together with all God’s people, journeying into a new creation, and trusting with faith and courage in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We love as Jesus loves, living with integrity and openness, and are committed stewards of God’s world.  

Statements of Affirmation 
At the Constitutive Assembly in 2002 when the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior was formed, three Statements of Affirmation were confirmed. These have been, and continue to be, instrumental in providing the foundation for our formation, and the subsequent new structure for governance.  

  1. We affirm that the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior need to gather together as a family of God. 
  2. We affirm that this time of transition has been given to us as a gift to explore possible new directions towards which the Spirit may be calling us.  
  3. We affirm that God is calling us to share in Jesus’ ministry of healing and reconciliation. 

Emotionally and spiritually, we are a family of parishes united in mutual respect and love of God. God has led us, as a people of God in the Central Interior, through a desert time during which our vision of ourselves has been both tested and clarified.

Collectively, we have walked through a time of challenge with the dissolution of our existence as a diocese in the Anglican Church of Canada, and faced the possible loss of all financial assets as well as the loss of property and church buildings. Having come through this threatening time we are engaged in the process of examining what is important to our existence. Out of this has emerged a strong community of faith committed to God, the Anglican Church of Canada, and to each other. We often refer to ourselves as a family.

We have a history of being creative about the ways in which we do ministry and a commitment to lay and clergy continued education. Indigenous ministry, presence and voice remain priorities in all our action.  

Prayer for the Territory of the People  
Loving and Faithful God, through the ages you have nourished your people who have come to you for guidance; Lead and direct us in our present journey, that we may discern the way ahead as the Territory of the People; By your Spirit, help us to preserve the best of what we were, enable us to let go all that hinders love of you, and strengthen us as a community of living saints to minister with eager hearts and wills. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who is our Way, our Truth and our Life, Amen.