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   I always “borrow” the framed “List of those who Served”, from the Memorial Corner in the Church, and also have a copy of “Those Who Died in both WWI and WWII” as read each year during the Civic Service on November 11th.

  The Bibles, Books of Common Prayer, Hymn Books and Psalm Books were books borrowed from St. Peter’s for years and given to me for continued use by Rev. Canon Trev Whiting when, many years ago,  he set out a collection of old Books, no longer in use, for the Congregation to “adopt”.  So, they are “my adopted books”.

   while we Remember those who wore a Uniform, we must also Remember those who tried…often in vain…to simply survive and live their lives in the Hope of eventual Peace and Freedom.  War extracts such a horrific price from all who must endure such an experience. She referenced “1 Cor. 4:11-12” 

  The white Cross reminds us of the Crosses beyond number in Graveyards around the World, where those in Uniforms,  who paid the Supreme Sacrifice,  were laid to rest.  This Cross was found in the Church storage, rather stained and sad looking, and John painted it white for use each year.  

  I also place a display under the Altar, on the Piano and at the Font, marking books with Hymns, Psalms, portions of the Eucharist and Prayers to be Used at Sea, as well as the “Words of Hope”, found in John 3:16. 

  It is my hope that folks…of all ages…will take a moment to read any or all of the Texts, typed words, and leaf through the collection of Newspaper Clippings and “just Remember with a Prayer of Thanksgiving and Gratitude for more than we can actually ever truly know.  We live in an amazing and beautiful Country that hasn’t had a Battle of International Conflict stain the soil of our Land for some 205 years…for which we can continually thank God as we ask “God, keep our Land, glorious and free….”. 

  Norma Bos


The picture is of John Bos, Granddaughter Payton, Sue and Danny Moxey studying the Remembrance day display put together in our Narthex at St Peter’s.