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  This is day 12 of wildfires burning out of control within the Central Interior of BC with 46,000 evacuated. We were all encouraged yesterday when the residents of Cache Creek were allowed to return home after 11 days out of their homes.  We are hearing reports from them just how good it is to be home, despite the need to clean up and they profound appreciation for the many kindness while evacuated.

  Monday, the leadership team did some planning together. St Paul's Cathedral has been opened as a hospitality centre and if the need arises can accommodate overnight guests. We have clergy visiting at all the Evacuation Centre and the ministry of presence has become a vital ministry for us. We have learnt that it is best for us to go to where people are gathering to just listen to the stories of people experience of leaving home with little notice and time to prepare for undetermined time away from home. We were able to issue checks to many of our clergy as discretionary funds to just help as needs become apparent to them. Already we know of bus tickets purchased to help those in evacuation centre move to more suitable accommodate with family and friends, meals have been brought, personal hygienic items and clothes.

  One of our evacuated clergy is living on the Kamloops Reserve Pow Wow Grounds and another is visiting at the Centre in the lower mainland just providing a ministry of presence. Local clergy in Prince George and Kamloops are doing all they can to support the many who have come to our cities. Prayer Vigils are being held to provide opportunities to all who want to be quiet and to pray. We are tracking folks from our parishes who have been evacuated and responding to the many questions and needs as best we can.

We continue to ask for your prayers, as we pray... 

O healing river, send down your waters

Send down your waters, upon the land. (CP 578)