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On December 16th 2018, we held our 'Silver Sunday" where parishioners contribute the coins they have put aside during the year or just the coins that are in their pocket at the time to the offering.

With these coins, we hope we can buy gifts for the world from both the PWRDF and the Mission and Service catalogues. When we tallied the amount for this offering this year, we had $766.00, far surpassing our expectations. 

On Epiphany Sunday 2019, we decided on the gifts we would bring for the world. So here is our list:

                   A well

                   2 sets of goats

                   2 sets (40 each) chickens

                   1 set ( 20 ) guinea fowl

                   2 sets of seeds

                   2 sets of farm implements

                   3 children to UCC camp

                   2 sets of garden and beehive supplies

                   Council of the North for travel for non-stipendiary priests

                   Canadian Food Grains Bank

Choosing our gifts for the world on Epiphany Sunday gave this task special meaning - a feeling of being blessed to offer these gifts in the name of the Christ Child. There was lots of discussion and laughter as everyone weighed in! 

Rev. Jo Ann Hinter, St Andrew's United and St Mary's Anglican Church, Lillooet BC