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The hard-working, men-chefs of St. Michael and All Angels and Grace church in Prince George; cooked an amazing supper for over eighty people on Shrove Tuesday evening.

We had many wonderful guests; including our newly consecrated Bishop Clara; eight Syrian and seven Ukrainian refugees; and four people from Iran and India, Board members of the Centre of Peace and Reconciliation.

Having so many faith traditions, sitting down together, to share food in peace, and harmony; created an atmosphere that was full of life, laughter, and love. Jesus was there for sure, to welcome all to the party, before the onset of Lent.

The menu consisted of pancakes, two types of sausages (halal and other), fruit, yoghurt, cookies…..and not a single item was burnt! (This achievement was a miracle to rival the one about the loaves and fishes.)

We were well fed and watered for our 40-day journey of Lent; and for our Muslim siblings, their 30 days of Ramadan, beginning March 10th. During Lent and Ramadan, we, Christian and Muslim children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are called to pray, fast, and give alms to the poor.

From Prince George, we wish you all a loving and happy Lent!