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Reverend Alexis Saunders invited me to see  behind the scenes of our Parishs' monthly response to those in need at St Vincent De Paul.The first Sunday of the month is when our community is asked to bring whatever kinds of soups and sandwiches to distribute to the hungry. Several of the volunteers from the Anglican community have been answering this call for years. WIth Covid 19 the food has to be packed and given out at the entrance of the facility with safety precautions of social distancing between volunteers as well as those coming for nourishment. 70 bags were prepared with a sandwich/soup/fresh fruit/cookies and a choice of drink.WIthin 25 min all were served and 2 bags left. THe need is great and the response from our community meets that need. Thanks to all who over the many many years have answered this call day in and day out. You know it is most appreciated by those who recieve this food each and every day.