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In July of 2019, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada passed a motion creating the first ever permanent body on reconciliation—named the Reconciliation Pathfinders. I am thrilled to let you know that the group has now been appointed, and we will have our first (online) gathering on Friday, November 20th. 

Because it is a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous, clergy and laity, they will spend their first time together simply introducing themselves to one another, getting to know one another and looking at scripture together. Please will you make a special intention to pray for this group and their work? It has been a long time in coming, and the work is so critical. They are:

​​Rev. ​Esau Tatatoapik – Diocese of the Arctic
​​Ms. Irene Barbeau – Diocese of Ottawa
​Rev. ​Barbara Liotscos – Territory of the People
​​Rev. Nick Trussell – Diocese of Edmonton​
​Ms. Sandra Fox – Diocese of Algoma
​Rev. Norman Meade – Diocese of Rupert's Land
​Mr. Shilo Clark – Diocese of Calgary
​Rev. Gaye Whippey – Diocese of Huron​
Rt. Rev Riscylla Shaw (ex-officio)
Rev. Andrew Wesley (ex-officio)

Barb writes: "I am so looking forward to working with this group of incredible folks.  Stay tuned...!"

Indeed, we will!