May 20, 2020 - Bishop Elect Lincoln Mckoen distributed a document to all Clergy, Wardens, Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Territory parishes, outlining the procedure for the re-opening of our churches. You can download the full document here.

May 27, 2020 - An Addendum to the Re-Opening Plans was distributed by email as follows... 

Following a teleconference with the Premier, Dr. Henry and Minister Dix today, there are a few additional updates to the reopening plans.   I am sending it this way because this is exceptionally important for any parishes planning to reopen. The following all come from the directions of the Province.    

  1. Contact Tracing - Logs must be kept of every person who attends the service, in order to do any contact tracing. This includes any parish run organizations, like thrift stores etc. This can just be the first and last names of people. Independent groups like A.A. etc are expected to do their own contact tracing.
  2. Singing - Singing is totally and utterly and completely banned in public gatherings. All the most recent outbreaks around the world in Churches have been caused by singing.
  3. Food - No food following services. No buffets. No communal kitchens.
  4. Cleaning protocols - Your local public health officials are able to give advice if you are unsure about cleaning protocols.
  5. Length of Time - The province expects the max 50 people limitations to be in place for a significant amount of time, possibly into next year.
  6. Wearing Masks - Parishioners are encouraged to wear masks but the limitations on social distancing, no singing, no food, no physical contact, etc, are still in place.
  7. Anti-Racism Pledge  - The Lt. Govenor of BC is coming out this week with an anti-racism pledge for people to sign. This is because of the more public nature of racist incidents in the province. Everyone is encouraged to sign this pledge.    

I know this might seem frustrating to everyone, we're all going to be doing our part to keep everyone safe. If things continue to get better, the Province will look at revising these restrictions in the future, for which we can only continue to keep praying.     

In Christ,