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On Saturday October 21st, 2017 – 33 people gathered at St. Timothy’s 100 Mile House for the Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament Fall Study Day “Preaching with Peter” facilitated by the Ven. Peter Zimmer, honorary assistant at Grace Church, Prince George.

We were delighted to have with us four women from the United Church in 100 Mile House as well as several others from our Territory who, although not Licensed LMWS, were interested in the topic.

Betty Long from Robson Valley Shared Ministry began the day with worship, Revs Keith and Kris Dobyns, Ministry Developers for St. Timothy’s 100 Mile, St. Peter’s Williams Lake and Alexis Creek, welcomed us to their church, and O’Della Grundy, our Master of Ceremonies for the day, introduced the LMWS Leadership Team: O’Della, chair, Betty Long, Kris Dobyns and Caroline Sharpe, LMWS from St. Timothy’s.

Dean Ken Gray also joined us on behalf of Bishop Barbara who continues her sabbatical studies in Chicago.

Peter led the participants through a power point presentation and expanded on the main points:

So what is a sermon and what makes a good sermon?

1.    It engages the biblical text

2.    It proclaims the Gospel

3.    It connects God’s word to the lives of God’s people

4.    It is well organized

5.    It engages the imagination of the hearers

6.    It is delivered well

7.    It orients the hearers to life in God’s world

So how do we do it? Peter led us through the chronological steps of sermon preparation including sharing the readings for the day

Group discussion/brain storming raised questions, offered ideas and helpful tips, and provided everyone the opportunity to engage in the topic.

Delicious snacks and lunch were provided by the “Kitchen Saints” of St. Timothy’s, and, as always, we were fed well, and received gracious hospitality from everyone there.

It was snowing as we left 100 Mile House heading for home in the late afternoon … a sure sign of winter approaching!

Detailed notes are attached below.