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PAINTING THE STARS: A Great Study Opportunity

Are you interested in an evolving church? If so, here's a great opportunity from the folks at LIVING THE QUESTIONS and from the Rev. Peter van der Leelie in Merritt.  

Painting the Stars is a program that wrestles with basic questions often avoided by the church. It celebrates the communion of science and faith and explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality.

Featuring more than a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers, designed for those who are not afraid to explore, to ask questions, to see different points of view on an evolving church enshrined in science, then you will probably enjoy Painting the Stars immensely. And, yes, the course is open and honest in its approach on where Christianity is going after many years of floundering church attendance.

The seven-session program includes a participant reader with discussion questions. The basic format includes conversation around the readings, a seven-part video presentation and guided discussion.

The seven-part series covers:

Toward Healing the Rift

A Renaissance of Wonder

Getting Genesis Wrong

An Evolving Faith

Evolutionary Christianity

Imagining a Future, and

An Evolving Spirituality: Mysticism

St. Michaels in Merritt is currently spending seven Mondays with this course led by The Rev. Peter van der Leelie. If you are interested in looking at where Christianity is going and some exciting conversation and would like to attend a future programme, please contact Peter at