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10 December 2020
Re: Online Communion

Many, if not all of you, have read the essays from various folks around the Anglican Church of Canada regarding communion in a digital age. If you have not, I encourage you to read them, at least to be informed of the ongoing debate.

One of the issues is around what is being called “Online Communion”.

Please be advised, as your Bishop I do not authorize any sort of “Online Communion” in any way, shape or form for the Territory of the People. I have strong reservations about this theologically and ecclesiologically.

There are Christians throughout the world who have not received the Eucharist for years because of imprisonment or lack of access. A few more months of not physically receiving Eucharist in our Territory parishes will do us no harm.

Our liturgical Offices of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline are valuable and vital tools for worship, and I have authorized Spiritual Communion during these times of “desert wanderings” to allow people to connect to Christ in a deeper way.

I include this Spiritual Communion Prayer for Christmas.

My dear Jesus,
in these times, I cannot receive you sacramentally as I wish.
Come into my soul now, as you came into your world.
Bring healing and peace. Give comfort and joy.
Restore your Church in Love. Strengthen us for service
that when our wanderings end, we may in courage and confidence
bring your love to the world.

These times are stressful on all of us. The Church has withstood many challenges throughout its history, and with faith we will make it through these challenges as well.

In Christ, +Lincoln