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A message from the the Revs Keith and Kristen Dobyns Ministry Developers and Rectors of St. Timothy’s 100 Mile House and St. Peter’s, Williams Lake

NOTE: Folks at 100 Mile House are settling back in; Folks in Williams are starting to return as of Thursday, July 27.

Hi Friends

We are so glad to be home!  We have been in contact with some of you, but have had a hard time keeping up with the comings and goings of everyone in the parish. We are so grateful that everyone in our parish seems to have come through this last three weeks in such good shape.

The church smells just a bit smoky, but otherwise seems to have suffered little. We are turning the gas back on today, restarting the hot water heater and getting ready for the weekend.

Friday we will partner with Stemete7uw'i in putting on our monthly spaghetti social, open to the community. Doors open and food is served at 5, and folks are invited to stay on and visit as long as the evening warrants. We expect to have a couple of musicians, and we will have board games and puzzles out for entertainment.

We expect that many people will be interested in each other's stories about the last three weeks!  All supplies have been donated so there is no charge: please come, bring a friend, invite someone who needs a sociable evening. If you would like to help with preparations, serving  or clean up please contact one of us (as below).

Our "mini" Free Store will be open during the spaghetti social, and again next Tuesday from 10-2. We have an over supply of gently used clothing and light household goods, so please spread the word to those who might benefit.

Regular worship resumes this Sunday, with special thanksgivings to God for the safety of our community and for the courage and dedication of all those who have kept us safe. There are so many people to thank for their work on the front lines and behind the scenes that it is hard to know where to start. There are losses to acknowledge as well, of course, and the lingering effects of fear and displacement, but this Sunday will be a service of thanksgiving. Please join us!

May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, be with you this day and always.

Keith+ and Kris+

A timely prayer

God of compassion and love: you have brought us through smoke and fire; you have given us places of refuge and safety; you have blessed us with the generosity of countless strangers; you have given strength, wisdom and courage to our leaders and defenders.

Now hear our prayer: we thank you, we praise you, we bless your name, and we pray for your continued protection as we share your loving Spirit with our community and your world. Amen.