The Lytton Fire Fund Committee was created by the Administration Committee of the Territory of the People for the purpose of making recommendations for the disbursement of funds donated to the Territory of the People by Anglicans and friends from around the world. Funds have also been donated by the Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) from individuals and parishes wishing to support people affected by the Lytton Fire. The Territory entrusted the disbursement of funds to a committee of local people. 

The Lytton Fire Fund Committee has meet three times to discuss the priority for disbursement of funds. It was decide that the first priority would be to those who lost homes in the Lytton area (owner or renter).  We have received 35 applications and have issued funding to each application. The Ministry team (Priest, Wardens and Lay Leaders) has also had funds made available to them to assist folks immediately as they go about their visits around BC to the scattered community from the Lytton area.

The applicants have requested funds in the range of $100 to $50,000. Requests have been for help to re-establish businesses, replacement of tools for work, computers, winter clothing, winter tyres, rents and damage deposits, daycare fees and a variety of other items or needs. For the most part the applicants have been modest and humbling with many just grateful for whatever amount we could give them. 

The Committee oversees approximately $80,000. This includes an original grant of $5,000 from PWRDF, but not an additional $50,000 (raised to date) that has come in to PWRDF, designated for the Lytton Fire. The committee is in the process of applying for the funds through PWRDF’s In-Canada Emergency guidelines. To date approximately $25,000 has been given to support folks by application or discretionary funds.  

A Thank You Note received:

To inform all…the monies have been received. Thank you, and we appreciate this donation. Part of this will go to our account toward getting our bedroom furniture … and another amount will go toward much needed winter clothing. We have lost everything due to the wildfire. And it is with a grateful heart, to receive this from your generous donations. Once again. Thank you. 

Notes The Committee’s Mandate is to:

  • Make recommendations for the needs of people from the Village of Lytton and the First Nations Communities in the Lytton area.
  • Provide consideration for both short-term and long-term needs in the planning of the disbursement of Funds.
  • Provide information for accountability reports. This information will be provided in a timely manner to the Territory Office when requested.
  • Determine the criteria for the disbursement of funds in a fair and transparent manner.  

October 29/21   Village of Lytton Short-term Recovery Plan - Draft 5  

Introduction   On June 30, 2021, a wildfire destroyed approximately 90% or over 100 properties within the Village of Lytton, almost 40 homes within the Lytton First Nation (LFN) community, and claimed the lives of two people. As of August 23, the wildfire was listed as ‘under control’ and burned over 80,000 hectares. It is estimated that over 1,000 residents have been evacuated from the area, with the majority unable to return home in the near future. In the days leading up to the wildfire, the area exceeded Canadian temperature records by reaching almost 50°C, the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. (McGrath, 2021).