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                                    Four Churches Joint Service of Lessons and Carols  Dec 20th 

Our Saviours Lutheran Prince George, St John the Divine Quesnel, St.Michael and All Angels and Grace Anglican Prince George were the Churches who were involved in the idea conceptualised by Rev. Peter Zimmer. With the Global Pandemic locking down places of worship our response was to find a way to reach out and still create a space to still enjoy the words and sounds of this most Holy season.

 The next job was to film all the parts at the separate Churches or homes and then the Video splicing was handled  by Ken Ponsford with invaluable advice, help and support from Pastor Fleming Blishen, Denise Boulanger and Philomena Hughes.            

   Participants, in order of first appearance:  

Barbara Ellison, Grace Church  Val Stanley,   Rev. Alexis Saunders,   Karen Dougan, St. Michael and All Angels  Valerie Cardwell,  Grace Church    Wendy McRae, Grace Church   Amy Stewart, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Grace Beek  Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church          Karla Paciejewski, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church           Dave Gunn, St. John the Divine Quesnel                  Robert Tims,  St. John the Divine Quesnel               Lynda Robinson, St. Michael and All Angels              Sean Robinson, St. Michael and All Angels               Sharon Armistead, Grace Church                           Janice Fast, Grace Church                                       Janet Reinsdorf, St. John the Divine Quesnel           Amanda Gillcash, St. John the Divine Quesnel               Roy Cardwell, Grace Church                                   Pastor Fleming Blishen, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

After the Service we had a zoom Coffee meetup to just connect with each other as many as possible.

Then the ideas started  to formulate how to do it even better! So a little Christmas Break and what comes next? I'll leave that with your imagination.