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Dear Friends,

I know many of you are wondering how I have been doing since taking medical leave from St. George's. Here is a snapshot of the past few months:

On January 17th, I went to Royal Inland Hospital as I was feeling very unwell. The hospital admitted me, and after many tests (including a bone marrow biopsy) determined that I had a type of cancer called multiple myeloma, which affects the plasma cells in the blood. Secretions from the myeloma called light protein chains had damaged my kidneys to the point they were barely working. I had day surgery to install an access port in my chest and began dialysis and chemotherapy. After 23 days in hospital, I was able to come home – so good to be in one's own bed.

I continue with dialysis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Kind volunteers, mostly from St. George's with some help from the Rocky Mountain Rangers, pick me up and bring me home afterwards. Other kind folks have brought homemade soup and other foods to my home, as I am on a special kidney friendly diet.

The care at Royal Inland Hospital has been excellent and compassionate. My kidney function has improved slightly – from 6% to 15%.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Bishop Barbara, and the Dean for pastoral care and support; to Bishop Gordon Light, Rev. Barbara Liotscos, Canon Dan Krausert, Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament O'Della Grundy and Linda LaGroix for their leadership for St. George's in my absence.

To all who have sent cards, letters, flowers, and gifts – thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all my dialysis drivers – thank you for your kind help! And for all who are praying for me – thank you! It really makes a difference to know that so many folks are carrying me in prayer each day.

Yours in Christ, (The Rev) Isabel Healy-Morrow +