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Information for Investors - A Faith-Response Initiative

For those concerned about how our Church invests funds and how investment decisions are made in relation to standards around environmental, social and governance matters, the publication of Investing with a Mission: A Guide to Responsible Investment and Church Funds will be of interest.

Initiated by General Synod in 2015, and driven in part by conversations at the Anglican Communion level, the guide is the result of a two-year process of research, conversation and reflection. The intent is to help all of us connect the stewardship of our finances with the mission of the church.

Practices commended in the report are not binding on any particular body but are presented as “best practices” both for institutions and individual investors. Anglicans from across the country will now have a wide range of options to consider when making choices about investment priorities.

There is a page about the work and membership of the task force here.

The document itself can be downloaded here. It is also linked below.

Both Bishop Barbara and Dean Ken were integral members of the task force. Both would be pleased to answer questions.