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We come together to pray for the many communities within the Territory of the People and beyond who are threatened by wildfire. We pray for rain, for peace, for support, for patience, and for safety. We acknowledge our exhaustion, our grief, and our fear.  

We pray for the communities that have been destroyed by fire, for the loss of life and livelihood, and for all who have been displaced; for Lytton, Lytton First Nation, and for Monte Lake. We acknowledge the spaces that no longer are standing to gather people together and for the homes that no longer can provide shelter and safety.  

We pray for the communities that have been evacuated and for the people who have been scattered. For Logan Lake, Cherry Creek, Lytton, Shackan, Nooaitch, Lower Nicola, Shulus, Sitka, Kanaka and others.  

We pray for communities on evacuation alert and for those preparing their homes and families for possible evacuation. For Savona, Barriere, Merritt, areas in and around Kamloops, and others.  

We pray for those responding to the fires: those on the ground, in the air, Emergency Response Teams, volunteers, structure support teams, and all emergency personnel.

We call the People of the Territory to pray for all these places and people named and those unnamed.