Thursday, March 9th, 2023  

Dear Territory Parishes and Assembly Delegates,  

First, thank you for your prayers for the Electoral Committee, the Coordinating Council, the Candidate for Bishop and for the current administration of the Territory during the Territory’s episcopal electoral process.  

Over the last two weeks it came to the attention of the Nominating Committee that the call for Nominations was not distributed from the National Office to the National House of Bishops. This means that the call for nominations was not distributed as widely as was anticipated.   The last week has been filled with conversations with Archbishop Lynne McNaughton, Provincial Chancellor Amelia Cline and the Nominating Committee and Electoral Committee have met. Coordinating Council has been updated and participated in an electronic vote.

All of these conversations have been prayerful, supportive and thorough.   After much discernment and prayer and with the recommendation of the Archbishop, Chancellor, and Electoral Committee, the Coordinating Council passed a motion to rescind the summons for the extraordinary session of the Assembly scheduled for April 1, 2023 and to postpone the Electoral Assembly until a future date. The members of the Coordinating Council made this decision to ensure that the call for nominations is distributed across the country and with the desire not to rush the process.  

This decision to delay is in no way a reflection on those who were nominated or a reflection on the Electoral Committee and its work.  We are grateful for the good work that has been accomplished and we are grateful to the nominee(s) and to many others who have accompanied this process to date. This decision does not preclude those who have been nominated to continue proceeding through the candidate selection process just as any other nominee.  

As a result of this decision, Coordinating Council will be meeting by Zoom on Monday 13th March and will discuss a new timeline for the Episcopal election and gathering of the Electoral Assembly. The new dates will be shared with the delegates and the wider Territory as soon as they have been confirmed with the Metropolitan and approved by Coordinating Council.   We are committed to working as efficiently as we can to develop a new timeline and expect an update to be shared with the Territory within the next few weeks alongside a Call for Nominations.

With the revised timeline and Call for Nominations a Question and Answer sheet will be distributed with details on delegates, process, and the assembly.   Know that amid all these questions and uncertainties we are committed to hold this work in prayer and to listen deeply to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful to Bishop Jane’s ongoing administration to the Territory and her commitment to pastoral and parish support.  

We ask for your prayers, trust, and patience in this process. We are eager to get to this next piece of our work together and also desire to give the process the time it needs.   If you have any questions, please contact me at    

Yours in Christ,    

Melissa Green Chair, Territory Electoral Committee