The attached letter was sent via email to the Territory Clergy, Wardens, Parishes and Lay Ministers of Word and Sacrament, regarding parishes who wish to move to Stage 3 may do so, and outlining the practice of Communion in one kind only.

Should any directions from the Provincial Government change, they naturally take precedence.

Guidelines and Tips for Distribution of Communion in One Kind during the Covid Pandemic:

  1.   The Celebrant is the only one to receive the wine. No exceptions.
  2.   Wafers must be used. No exceptions.
  3.   Only one person distributes the wafer, and this should be the celebrant.
  4.   The Distributor must either use alcohol wash on their hands before they distribute the wafers or use  latex free gloves.
  5.   The Distributor must wear a mask during distribution and it is strongly recommended they wear a mask during the prayer of consecration.   
  6.   It is recommended before and during consecration, where possible, the wafers should be covered (either in a Ciboria with a lid or with a pall)
  7.   The wafer should be dropped into the hands of the parishioners from a respectful distance to limit any touching of hands. Tongs may be used at the Celebrant’s discretion.
  8.   The Communicant should consume the host in their pew, where they can lower their mask safely distant from others.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Territory office - or Bishop Lincoln -