May 25th, Dr. Bonnie Henry held a press conference regarding the Province's re-opening plans.

I can now share with you a draft Territory reopening plan. Draft because some of the dates are subjective and Dr. Henry mentioned a reopening plan for Faith Leaders, which hasn't been released anywhere yet. I will share it as soon as I get it.   All of these guidelines are subject to Provincial restrictions and provisional on Covid cases continuing to decrease and Vaccine rates increasing. 

Here is the official link, followed by my summary and directions:  

Step 1: Effective immediately  

  • Outdoor Gatherings up to 50.  
  • Indoor Gatherings up to 10....but apparently doesn't cover churches... as soon as we receive clarity about this, I will let everyone know, but do not expect anything soon.  Click here for the link regarding worship restrictions.
  • Covid Safety plans per provincial guidelines. i.e. Masks mandatory, Social Distancing mandatory, recording names of attendees.  

At this time, we will proceed with Spiritual Communion or Morning Prayer.   If your parish wants to hold in-person services please let me know.  Singing as per last summer (soloist, 8m distance, etc, no congregational singing)      

Step 2: Earliest Effective, June 15th  

  • guidelines, so continue with 50.  
  • Indoor up to 50.  
  • Covid Safety plans per provincial Guidelines. i.e. Masks mandatory, Social Distancing mandatory, recording names of attendees.  

If all goes well we will restart in-person Communion in One Kind (bread only) as we did last summer. We will hopefully receive notice about public singing by this time.

Step 3: Earliest July 1st.  

  • limit set yet.  
  • "Greater social contact"
  • Masks if you're sick.
  • Sharing the peace!    

Step 4: Earliest Sept 7th.  

  • No limits.  
  • Masks personal choice.  

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or email: 778-471-5573 

On a positive note, we are getting through this.  I am humbled by the faithful response the Church has received from you during these difficult times.