We have received notification from Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Province has issued new guidelines with regards to Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings, and is now allowing outdoor-only services of 50 people/50 Vehicles.  

This is great news, and just in time for the Easter Season!

I am leaving the decision up to the parishes if they wish to follow these guidelines yet or not. I know it's a wee bit chilly out there for most of us to gather outdoors, but there is no date restriction.  

So, for now, if you wish to have outdoor services, start planning ahead BUT follow the guidelines in the pdf here.  The guidelines are similar to those of last summer.  

Communion is out of the cards for now sadly, but maybe by July? Let's be optimistic!  

Any questions about how you want to go about this, ask me!

Any questions about technical concerns in the pdf? Call Dr. Henry's office.  

Also, please let the Territory office know if/when you are hoping to start outdoor services so we can keep a list.

In Christ

+ Lincoln