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Life is changing at St. Michael's! Although we still have services on three Sundays of the month, we realize that Sundays are not what they used to be: a day off for everyone. Combine that with Sundays sports and a host of other activities we have moved the last service of the month to Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. It's a more casual service and we often discuss the readings in a contemporary sense. 


On Fridays we host Friendly Fridays and offer a place to relax, drink coffee or tea and play games. And lately we have had three guitarists on Fridays who who have already led one service on Sunday with live music and there's more to come. We have been given an APCI ministry grant for $1,000 so in the fall we will welcome folks every Friday (and possibly Wednesday) to come in out of the cold and enjoy warmth, social time and a hearty meal.


Meanwhile, we continue to build a strong relationship with the Canadian Mental Health Association as they are in the planning stages of purchasing our old church, physically rejuvenating to its former glory and creating a much-needed service in the community.