Archbishop John also has jurisdiction over the Territory of the People in concert with Bishop Barbara Andrews, Suffragan Bishop

December 1, 2017

To the Beloved People of God in the Diocese of Kootenay

Dear Friends,

Many of you will know that in July, I was blessed to be able to take a 6 day silent retreat at St. Bueno’s Retreat Centre in Wales. It was for me a time of intentional discernment.  During the course of that retreat it became clear to me that the time had come for me to retire from my ministry as Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province and as Bishop of Kootenay. The only question that remained was the timing of the announcement and my retirement.  Before the summer was over, I knew that it would be this spring and had decided that I will retire as of May 31, 2018.  I have informed the senior Bishop of the Province, Bishop Larry Robertson, the Provincial House of Bishops and our Diocesan Council of my intention.

I will look forward to continuing to serve the Diocese and the Province for the next six months and to gathering with the Diocese in Synod in April.  It is an important Synod with a discussion of the electoral canon (which will no longer be a theoretical exercise!) and a consideration of the future as we look to strengthening our congregational life.   That work will take several more years and it will benefit from new long term leadership.

Twelve and half years ago the people of Kootenay placed a very great trust in me.  It has been my great privilege to serve as the Bishop of Kootenay, and I have come to love our people and our parishes in this beautiful part of British Columbia.  We are gifted with strong lay and clergy leadership, and a great team in the Diocesan Office and I am optimistic about the future.   With the election of a new bishop, and the continued guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, Kootenay has much to look forward to.

I give thanks for each of you and ask your prayers for the Diocese as we begin to enter a period of transition in the coming months.

Faithfully, Archbishop John Privett

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