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 Advent in God’s Pocket Here we are rapidly approaching the beloved season of Christmas! 

It seems that once we put the reflective moments of Remembrance Day behind us, Christmas comes all too soon. It is now time for us to prepare for the Advent and Christmas season at St Albans.… We invite and encourage members of our local communities to join us for or any and all of our Sunday services listed below as well as for the Soups On program on Fridays from 11-2 pm, culminating on Friday, December 23 with a full Christmas dinner.

On Sunday, November 27, we enter this season of Advent at St. Albans. Advent includes the four Sundays leading up to Christmas and is a time we set aside to honour the beginning of the new Christian church year. It is a time to ponder the meaning of the Christ Child once again and what “God here among us” means to each of us and to our communities. As Advent this year starts on November 27, our first Gospel Bible study will be on Wednesday, November 23 from 2-4 pm and will continue Wednesday to December 14th. We will be studying the Gospel of Matthew as it forms the basis for much of our reflection in this coming year. If you want an in-depth study of scripture during Advent, our studies are open to all who would like to join us.

Looking forward, we are excited to also have several different services during the Advent and Christmas seasons.

We will have a candle lighting each week through Advent as we remember the gifts of the Holy Spirit, a service of Carols and Lessons at 10 am on Dec. 18th, a Hope and Healing Christmas celebration at 2 pm on December 21st as well as a Christmas Eve Holy Communion service at 7 pm on December 24, entering the Christmas season with a Holy Communion service at 10 am on Sunday, Christmas Day. In this time of hustle and bustle, my prayer is for a peaceful, hopeful and blessed season where you are warm, fed and loved by many around you! May you find time to take in the wonder of nature as she changes and to give thanks to our Creator for all that you have been blessed with this past year! Rev. Linda LaGroix