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The third week of Advent invites us to explore the idea of joy. 

Truly joy is both the source and the cause of delight.  Do you catch the dichotomy that this emotion or feeling is both source and cause. 

For this to be the case we must understand that joy is a lens through which we see our lives.  It is the foundational attitude upon which we construct our days.  It is the foundational algorhythym (formula) that empowers us to move forward in life.   

Our exploration of Joy follows our insights from Hope and Peace.  There is nothing to fear.  No person, power or principality can come between you and the good Spirit has for you.  This allowed us to experience that God was and is at peace with us and we have been practicing being at peace with ourselves and gifting this experience in our interactions with others.   

This brings us to joy, the emotion evoked by our well-being, our success, and our good fortune.  For we realize that we already possess what we desire.  The co-creative ability to move through life with joy.   

Notice with joy the dictionary does not spend time explaining what joy isn't, as it did with peace. 

Joy is a known commodity.  It is the feeling in your heart when it rests between beats.  It is the ease in your lungs in the moments when you are no longer breathing in our out.    But most importantly, Joy is the experience of your life as you are doing what is yours to do as you allow the gifts of hope and peace to walk with you each day