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Welcome to the webpage for Robson Valley Shared Ministry: McBride and Valemount Anglican United Churches

Robson Valley Shared Ministry is an ecumenical shared ministry between the Anglican Church of Canada and United Church of Canada. We are rural, a two-point charge in the beautiful Robson Valley with church buildings located in the villages of McBride and Valemount, British Columbia. Located approximately 100 km west of Jasper, Alberta, this faith community enjoys being held by God's Creation in a valley home that is home to the Rocky and Cariboo Mountain ranges and the headwaters of the mighty Fraser River.

Our church family considers itself welcoming, open and inclusive which may seem obvious considering we have been in shared ministry since 1986.

We meet in Valemount and McBride every Sunday for worship either at 9 am or 11:30 am. Leadership at worship is often Lay led. Worship is also conducted by UC Diaconal student, Kim McNaughton, who has a 15-hour a week appointment, and our pastoral charge supervisor, the Rev. Dee McEachern, retired United Church minister.  The third Sunday of the month Rev. Dee officiates at our Communion/Eucharist service.

At the McBride church Youth Group meets every Wednesday after school and church and community ladies run a thriving Thrift Store.

In Valemount, a weekly walking group meets at the church Thursday afternoons.

Mission Statements:

McBride Anglican United Church:

"As a visible presence of Christ, representing the Anglican/United Churches, we are a welcoming and accepting faith community, sharing worship, work, and education in a caring manner with all."

Valemount Anglican United Church:  

"By our lives of worship and dedication to God, we show the love of Jesus to our church group and to the community around us. We serve God by offering spiritual, emotional, and physical support to those we see in any kind of need. As much as possible we contribute to outreach projects beyond our own community."

Our Communities:

At one time the villages of McBride and Valemount were primarily agriculture and forestry-based with the trend now leaning to tourism. Year-round recreation draws people to this valley, snowmobiling in the winter and hiking in the summer. Both villages have public elementary and high schools, grocery and hardware stores, and arenas and are places of business for the smaller communities in the valley, including Tete Juane Cache, Crescent Spur, and Dunster. If you are holidaying in the area or a resident, you are welcome in our faith family.

Contact person:  Kim McNaughton, Student Minister, 250-968-4467

phone 250-968-4467

Service Times

Sunday either at 9 am or 11:30 am. as announced