St. Michael's, Merritt

A joyous welcome awaits you

A joyous welcome to St. Michael's in Merritt

You will find St. Michael's congregation and clergy warm and approachable, tolerant and open-minded, diverse and eclectic. St. Michael's promotes inclusivity and individuality within Christianity and recognizes that the spiritual journey is a deeply personal one and is not governed by rigid expectations or assumptions.

Every individual is welcome to attend any service or gathering and participate at their own comfort level in an environment of acceptance and friendship. We are a lively church rooted in a vision of support and love as each one of us follows our faith journey. We have come together from diverse backgrounds, histories and cultures. Each of us has travelled a different road in our spiritual journey and we foster and celebrate that diversity.

We work to balance our personal desire for a rich, spiritual life with our commitment to serve the community around us and beyond. We help one another through times of grief and isolation. We celebrate our achievements with joy and laughter. We acknowledge our responsibilities as stewards of our church, our community and our natural environment.

Whether you are a life-long Anglican, new to the church, or just wondering what role spirituality might play in your life, please know that you are welcome here.

If you have questions, we'll seek to find the answers together. If you seek comfort and support we'll stand beside you as you journey towards healing. If you are looking for a home for your talents and your gifts, where they can be meaningfully expressed, we welcome them. We welcome everything about you.

Join us for worship every Sunday at 10 a.m., Soup Bowl (lunch and love for the hungry) every Tuesday morning, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings throughout the week. Please check this website for special events throughout the year.

Ministers: The entire congregation

Rector: The Rev. Peter van der Leelie

Deacon: The Rev. Craig Fairley    


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