WELCOME to the website of the newly proclaimed Territory of the People.

As you may be aware, the interior of BC is experiencing significant and widespread forest fire activity. This trauma has affected all of our parishes directly or indirectly. Many have been evacuated from their homes and communities. Some have returned; others hope to return soon. Some have lost property or have experienced damage to structures, land or livelihood.

On this site you can find current information from a variety of sources. The weekly Bishop’s Bulletins are available here. Our news section contains descriptions and reports. Our Territory Facebook page is a good place to find stories and images. And finally, the Rev. Jim White writes insightfully about the Ashcroft Experience here.

For other emergency services information please visit the Thompson Nicola Regional District page and the emergency services information page of the Cariboo Regional District

We welcome your prayers and financial contributions (please contact our office at 778.471.5573 or email us) as our parishes will require significant support in the months ahead in order to restore and maintain Anglican Christian Ministry throughout our territory.

Bishop Barbara Andrews

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