Scw’exmx Parish – Nicola Valley

Community resource for gathering and healing

There has been an Anglican presence among First Nations in the Nicola Valley since at least the 1880’s.

When Bishop Sillitoe visited the area in 1881 he noted that “prayers were said in Thompson by one of the Watchmen.”

We have maintained that cultural component of our worship and ministry up to the present day.

All Saints Church in Shulus was consecrated in 1900 and remains the center of the Parish.

St. Catherine’s Church, a beautiful log structure in Shackan, is the other worship space utilized at this time. 

St. Phillip’s Church in Nooaitch and St. Michael and All Angels Church in Cooks Ferry are no longer used for worship although we consider those Reserves a vital part of our faith community.




From Carmen Fairley While most of us were busy with other matters, the area beside All Saints’ Church at Scw’exmx Anglican Parish in Shulus filled up with large rented cargo vans, utility vans, lighting equipment,... Read More