The Bishop of the Territory of the People is seeking to appoint an Ordained Minister for the position of full-time priest/pastor/minister for the North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry a two-point shared ministry in Clearwater and Barriere in the central Interior of BC.  This is an Ecumenical Shared Ministry process of the three sponsoring denominations (United, Anglican, ELCIC) under the leadership of the Anglican Bishop.  Ministry Personnel from any of the three denominations may apply and the selection will be based on denomination practices by the joint leadership team. 

The position will involve a five-year commitment with worship services at Trinity Shared Ministry in Clearwater and the Church of St. Paul in Barriere each Sunday.   We seek a seminary trained, ordained priest/pastor/minister who is a gifted leader, can be flexible and has a heart and passion for working within a Shared Ministry setting.  The Ministry Personnel will lead worship and sacramental ministry under permission of all three denominations; a willingness to visit and provide pastoral care is a high priority; a key responsibility is education for the spiritual growth of the congregation, along with the ability to work collaboratively with the laity and encourage leadership and a sense of community.  Administrative and communication skills are important to keep the flow of information from all three denominations before the congregation.

Ministry Personnel from any of the sponsoring denominations are encouraged to apply and show evidence they are in good standing in their own denomination. Denominational representatives will work together to select the most suitable candidate and provide mentoring as required.

Parish Profiles are available now. Applications should be made by February 28, 2020. Interested clergy are invited to contact:  

The Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews

Territory of the People Anglican Church

360 Nicola Street Kamloops, BC  V2C 2P5


Phone:  778-471-5573