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This is a unique opportunity for a person who wishes to grow in ministry and people skills within the Anglican ethos. 

Each summer the Territory of the People provides a staff person to St Saviour’s Anglican Church in the historical town of Barkerville near Wells, BC.  The staff person dresses in period clothing and may serve in the role of the first priest, the priest’s wife or organist, in the area in a remote tourist community.

From May 17 until September 6, 2021 the staff person takes on two roles:

  • The role of the bearded Rev. James Reynard, who built St. Saviour’s in 1870 OR the role of Rev Reynard wife OR church organist, who both played significant roles in the community of Barkerville in the 1800’s.   The Barkerville setting is the year c. 1872, and in period clothing the student is expected to greet tourists at the front of the church and “on the street”.  S/He is also to lead “cemetery tours” at the old cemetery where a number of the original Barkerville characters are buried.
  • As the resident “Rector of St. Saviour’s” or “Rector’s wife” or “Organist” the student is required to have 3 Contemporary Services each day of the five day week, using either the BAS (Book of Alternative Services), the BCP (Book of Common Prayer), or a printed Service found on site.  The services are Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer, usually at 9 am, 12 noon and at 3 or 5 pm in the afternoon.  Each Service should be no longer than 15-20 minutes including a 3 or 4 minute homily which reflects the daily appointed scriptures.  Sundays are part of the 5 day cycle and may include a Service of Holy Communion, either with a local Priest present or, if deemed acceptable, Reserve Sacrament.  There is an organ in the church and students have often found someone in the Park to play on Sundays.  The student will be sensitive to the appropriate times for the services once s/he is aware of the local routines.


For the staff, this is a unique opportunity to grow in ministry and people skills.  The person is responsible to a supervisor but is not “micro managed,” so has the opportunity to develop a ministry reflecting his/her personality and his/her understanding of an Anglican ethos.  The student does not have a regular congregation, but will become part of the Barkerville summer community which includes: actors, shop-keepers, shop staff, Park staff and tourists.

For further information contact:

The Rt. Rev. Lincoln Mckoen

Tel: 778-471-5573

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2021